covering of a set

cubierta de un conjunto

English-Spanish mathematics dictionary. . 1964.

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  • Covering — may refer to: Mathematics In topology: Covering map, a function from one space to another with uniform local neighborhoods Cover (topology), a system of (usually, open or closed) sets whose union is a given topological space Lebesgue covering… …   Wikipedia

  • Set packing — is a classical NP complete problem in computational complexity theory and combinatorics, and was one of Karp s 21 NP complete problems. Suppose we have a finite set S and a list of subsets of S. Then, the set packing problem asks if some k… …   Wikipedia

  • Set cover problem — The set covering problem is a classical question in computer science and complexity theory. As input you are given several sets. They may have some elements in common. You must select a minimum number of these sets so that the sets you have… …   Wikipedia

  • Covering set — In mathematics, a covering set for a sequence of integers refers to a set of prime numbers such that every term in the sequence is divisible by at least one member of the set. The term covering set is used only in conjunction with sequences… …   Wikipedia

  • Covering space — A covering map satisfies the local triviality condition. Intuitively, such maps locally project a stack of pancakes above an open region, U, onto U. In mathematics, more specifically algebraic topology, a covering map is a continuous surjective… …   Wikipedia

  • Covering (graph theory) — In the mathematical discipline of graph theory, a covering (or cover) of a graph is a set of vertices (or edges) such that each edge (vertex) of the graph touches (is incident with) at least one element of the set.It is of mathematical interest… …   Wikipedia

  • Covering lemma — See also: Jensen s covering theorem In mathematics, under various anti large cardinal assumptions, one can prove the existence of the canonical inner model, called the Core Model, that is, in a sense, maximal and approximates the structure of V.… …   Wikipedia

  • Covering system — In mathematics, a covering system (also called a complete residue system) is a collection of finitely many residue classes whose union covers all the integers. Unsolved problems in mathematics For any arbitrarily large natural number N does there …   Wikipedia

  • Covering relation — For other uses of Cover in mathematics, see Cover (mathematics). The Hasse diagram of the power set of three elements, partially ordered by inclusion. In mathematics, especially order theory, the covering relation of a partially ordered set is… …   Wikipedia

  • Covering problem — In combinatorics and computer science, covering problems are computational problems that ask whether a certain combinatorial structure covers another, or how large the structure has to be to do that. Covering problems are minimization problems… …   Wikipedia

  • Covering graph — In the mathematical discipline of graph theory, a graph C is a covering graph of another graph G if there is a covering map from the vertex set of C to the vertex set of G. A covering map f is a surjection and a local isomorphism: the… …   Wikipedia

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